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Special transport

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, covering the transport of heavy and large-size loads – we deal with a variety of goods that, due to their dimensions and weight, do not qualify for loads regulated by road traffic law. We carry out the transport of oversized cargo professionally, efficiently and taking into account the highest safety rules – both of the transported goods and the road traffic participants.

We have been operating on the Polish transport market for many years, which is why we can boast of considerable experience, planning skills and professionalism in the most demanding and complex transport.

Our extensive oversize transport services include:

  • transport of agricultural and construction machinery,
  • transport of heavy loads,
  • demanding transport of specialized goods,
  • organization of permits for the transport of oversized cargo,
  • professional pilotage of oversized transport,
  • comprehensive organization of loading and unloading of goods.

Our company specializes in oversize transport, so it’s worth trusting us. We provide professional advice on the organization of demanding transport in Warsaw.

Specialized transport

When looking for a company that will provide a comprehensive and professional service of transporting oversized cargo, it is worth contacting us. The transports we offer are carried out on time, taking into account individual customer expectations and with the highest level of safety.

Thanks to many years of experience, on which we base our activities, we can guarantee the highest quality of oversized cargo transport services – we treat each transport individually. If you want to gain comprehensive support in the field of transport in Warsaw, please contact us and establish cooperation.

What does specialized transport include?

As part of this service, we transport a wide variety of loads. Among them, you can mention transport:

  • windmills (i.e. wind farms),
  • motorboats,
  • yachts.

In addition, we can also offer the transfer of loose materials, such as various types of granules, starches or other chemical products. We provide this service by means of transport in specialized silos, thanks to which the cargo is tightly closed and protected against external factors.

It is equally important to prepare the entire process – our employees can provide professional advice on the entire process of transporting goods from the very moment they contact them. We will carry out the necessary expertise regarding the route, we will obtain the necessary permits authorizing us to transport, and we will also dismantle the road infrastructure. In cooperation with the relevant services, we will also prepare a change in the organization of road traffic, thanks to which the entire process will run smoothly.

Therefore, when looking for specialists who will provide you with the best transport of the yacht, structural elements of wind farms or any other cargo with larger dimensions and unusual dimensions, please contact us.

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