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Transportation of construction machines

We specialize in the transport of construction machinery, as well as agricultural machinery – quickly, cheaply, conveniently. We take up every challenge in the industry related to material that is basically difficult to transport, and we like challenges the most. It is, of course, thanks to many years of work in this specialization that we have developed many solutions, thanks to which we can cope with virtually every variant of above-average dimensions. Even the most complicated machines to transport are really welcome in our company. We are also not afraid of traffic jams or difficult locations – you should know that we will take up every challenge, and we are intrigued to the greatest extent:

  • transport of rollers, pile drivers, crushers, bulldozers
  • transport of tracked excavators, wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders, loaders
  • transport of structural elements and steel structures
  • transport of printing, industrial and other machines
  • transport of platforms, lifts, mobile platforms, cranes
  • transport of agricultural machinery: combines, forage harvesters, agricultural tractors, trailers, presses, other
  • transport of forestry machinery, barrel wagons,
  • low-bed and oversized transport
  • machines intended for earthworks (excavators, bucket loaders, rollers, compactors, bulldozers, etc.),
  • Devices for finishing works (concrete milling machines, devices for plastering, painting, flooring, installation works, etc.),
  • equipment for road works (ground stabilizers, asphalt milling machines, asphalt pavers),
  • devices for soil compaction (rollers, compactors, compactors, tampers, etc.),
  • machines dedicated to the processing of aggregates (screens, mills, crushers),
  • equipment for the production and transport of concrete mass (concrete mixers, concrete vibrators, etc.).

What do we can suggest as part of the services provided?

As part of the services provided by our company, we provide our clients with professional assistance in obtaining all necessary permits, assistance in choosing the safest vehicle to transport the machine, as well as advice in choosing the optimal route. Our services also include professional pilotage and assistance from other services, and, if necessary, also adaptation of the road infrastructure for the duration of the journey (taking into account the permissible standards contained in road traffic regulations).

Whom is our offer for?

Our services in the field of relocating various types of equipment used in construction are aimed largely at companies that are looking for a proven and trustworthy partner to transport their construction machinery. Each order entrusted to us is carried out with due care and the safety of the transported devices. Both large corporations and individual clients undertake cooperation with us.

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