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Machine transportation from England

TRANSPORT GABARYTOWY offers its customers comprehensive services in the field of transporting various types of equipment not only in the country, but also from England to Poland. We have a staff of highly qualified employees, as well as a specialized fleet to provide this type of service. We are responsible for the loads entrusted to us. We will do our best to deliver the equipment intact. We have been on the market since 2007, with a wide range of satisfied customers, both among companies and private individuals.

Are you looking for a reliable carrier who imports dimensions from Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and used agricultural and construction machinery? We invite you to use our services. We are at your service, providing safe and efficient transport from England. We specialize not only in import and export, but also we import agricultural and construction machinery.

We also deal in such activities as: parcel transport and international removals: Poland, England, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium. We provide transport from any city.
Just contact us wherever you are. We will come and help, and deliver to the address indicated you are interested in agricultural and construction machinery from the territory of Great Britain.
Fast, cheap and always on time. We provide low-loader transport with the use of a modern fleet, which mainly includes SEMI, VARIO MAX and TIFBETT semi-trailers. In addition, we have professional modular semi-trailers with THP trolleys and in the SKPH system, which enable the safe transfer of loads of various sizes, including those with extraordinary dimensions.

Our offer includes above all:

  • transport of agricultural machinery (tractors, tractors, combine harvesters, mowers, tillers, plows, cultivators, forage wagons, trailers, threshers, sprayers, spreaders, spreaders, seeders, spreaders, etc.),
  • transport of construction equipment (excavators, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, graders, rollers, compactors, compactors, ground stabilizers, asphalt milling machines, pumps, concrete mixers, machines for compacting concrete mass, cranes, impact hammers, etc.),
  • transfer of mining and tunneling equipment (loaders, drilling rigs, haul trucks, drilling and bolting trucks, auxiliary trucks, crushers, etc.),
  • heavy and atypical transport (e.g. wind turbines, bridge spans, electric transformers, metallurgical furnaces, transmission pole structures, etc.).
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