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Leasing of trucks and trailers

Car leasing is a popular method that allows you to build a fleet of vehicles quickly and without the need to involve significant company funds. Flexible contract terms mean that the monthly leasing installment will not be a burden on the company’s budget.

We finance:

  • Truck Tractors
  • Semitrailers, among others: low-loaders, tanks, standard

… And much more.

We offer:

  • operational and financial leasing, leasing loan, leaseback, online leasing,
  • first payment from 0% to 45%,
  • repayment time from 2 to 7 years, sometimes longer,
  • equal or seasonal instalments,
  • buyout from 1% to 30% with the possibility of repayment with leasing instalments,
  • repayment currency PLN, EUR,
  • currency conversion at NBP rates,
  • leasing of new and used machines, even 20 years old,
  • we offer leasing without BIK, KRD, ZUS, US,
  • we finance machines from abroad
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