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Transportation Scandinavia

Our main tasks include full truckload transport to Sweden, Norway and Finland. Thanks to that our warehouses are located in Poland and Germany, we are able to efficiently pick up shipments from any address in these countries.

We can help each client to carry out fast and efficient shipment to Sweden (all of Scandinavia). Our team will take care of the service in a comprehensive manner, from loading the goods to final transport. We are specialized and experienced, so we are able to avoid all risks and at the same time reduce transport costs.

Offer The way our company works is simple and reliable at the same time. The shipment, which is picked up by the modern fleet at our disposal, is delivered to the terminal operated by us. The described operations are performed cyclically, which means that we send parcels to specific recipients every day. You can freely arrange the delivery date and take advantage of an attractive price offer. OUR ADVANTAGES> YOUR BENEFITS Delivery of general cargo in 1-3 working days to / from Scandinavia – an absolute record on the market!Security of goods.Even distant Scandinavia available all year round! Timeliness and precision in the execution of orders – Express and Just in time services Collection / deliveries on all days (excluding Sundays and holidays) Precise monitoring of the shipment and notification of deliveries Current communication (full GPS / GPRS monitoring) Modern, multifunctional fleet ready to take orders immediately A wide range of vehicles Possibility of transporting loads with non-standard dimensions (industrial pallets, logs, non-palletized goods).

Professional drivers with communicative English, experienced in Scandinavian routes. Thanks to hundreds of organized transports to Scandinavia, we are a company that can deliver your goods in a timely and safe manner even to the farthest corners of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Scandinavia is an area generally inaccessible to all carriers, because in order to go there in winter, you need extensive experience of drivers, appropriate car equipment, and knowledge of the routes of these countries. We provide it. We organized the transport of various goods, such as: Transport of silos, Transport of agricultural machinery, Transport of construction machinery, etc.The goods always arrived fully and on time, which was a priority.

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