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Who are we?

Every day, hundreds of different types of cargo are transported all over the world. From the countries of Africa, through Europe, the Americas, the Middle and Far East and Australia- electronics, clothing, food, household appliances, automotive parts and many other goods are shipped using various means of transport. Sometimes items of large, unusual size or extremely heavyweight need to be transported. The transport of such dimensions as bridge spans, wind turbines, electrical transformers, transmission pylons and various elements of industrial machines is a big challenge. In such situations, correlation charts come in handy.


TRANSPORT GABARYTOWY is a professional forwarding and transport company, which specializes in oversize transport of items exceeding the permissible parameters. We have been providing logistics services since 2007 – since then we have achieved an established position in the industry, and both large corporations and individual clients cooperate with us. We have extensive experience in the field of transport and logistics services, thanks to these services we are able to plan oversized low-loader transport from beginning to end, along with arranging all necessary formalities such as route detour, police escort, bridge expertise, etc.


Specialized vehicles must be used in the process of oversize transport. However, the transport of oversized goods itself is the last element in a long chain of specialized logistics operations


We are a company specializing in the transport of construction machinery, as well as agricultural machinery – quickly, cheaply, conveniently. We take up every challenge in the industry related to material that is basically difficult to transport, and we like challenges the most.


Thanks to several years of presence in the industry, our company has gained not only valuable experience or expert knowledge, but also has developed a network of business contacts, thanks to which we can act quickly and effectively throughout


Moving a factory is always a big undertaking. It requires the organization of appropriate transport or containers for transported items that will protect them against potential damage and you need to seek the help of professionals with special equipment.

What is large-size transport?

Large-size transport is also defined as heavy transport, oversize transport or special transport. This is due to the fact that the transported loads exceed their weight and the size of the legal standards for moving on the roads. In order to visualize the boundary between standard shipments and the transport of large dimensions, it can be assumed that large-size loads are all those that exceed the following parameters:

  • max. length 16.2 m
  • height 4m
  • width 2.5m
  • and over 42 tons of weight

Transport of dimensions – comprehensive organization

Thanks to many years of experience and excellent knowledge of the industry, we are perfectly aware of that each non-standard transport is different, therefore it requires an individual and comprehensive approach. It is important not only to choose a specialized vehicle, but also to precisely plan the route, organize loading and unloading and ensure all permits required by law. People who decide to use the services of our company can count on professional transport and logistics services.
The planning process is a key element of the oversized transports we organize. It includes the preparation of the outline of the entire route, selection of the appropriate vehicle, as well as taking care of the possible adaptation of the road infrastructure for the time when the delivery of large dimensions will be planned. This process involves qualified specialists with experience in the field of logistics, who are able to plan the entire project in an optimal and safe manner, taking into account the acceptable standards contained in road traffic regulations.

We specialize in:

  • transport of construction, agricultural and industrial machinery
  • adaptation of road infrastructure
  • professional escort service
  • relocation of factories and assembly lines
  • arranging permits for abnormal loads
  • technical support in cargo preparation
  • comprehensive assistance in loading and unloading cargo

A specialized fleet and qualified staff

A specialized fleet of vehicles must be used in the oversize transport process. Knowing this, for years we have been investing in our own fleet and a staff of experienced drivers specialising in non-standard cargo transport.

Road transport license

As a professional company, we specialize in transport services, we not only have a specialized fleet, but also a highly qualified staff and all the necessary documents that allow us to perform our work in the logistic branch of the economy.
If you are looking for a company that will professionally and comprehensively help you with the movement of agricultural machinery, construction machinery or wind farm components and atypical steel structures, please do not hesitate to contact Transport Gabarytowy. All our shipments were made in a timely manner and with the highest level of all security conditions.

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