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About Us

Who we are?

TG TRANSPORT GABARYTOWY is an acclaimed haulage and spedition company that specializes in  oversized transport/heavy haulage of abnormal goods which extend admissible parameters. We have launched our business in 2007, since that time we have managed to establish noticeable position in the haulage industry, small family business and large global corporations coopertate with us equally. We have huge experience in transportation and logistics services, thanks to which we are able to plan low loader transport from the scratch to the very end, including completing all the formalities, route access survey, police  escort, bridge expertises etc.

Heavy haulage


Oferujemy kompleksową usługę relokacji linii produkcyjnych. Oprócz przygotowania trasy wykonamy demontaż, a po dotarciu do celu – rozładunek i montaż wszystkich maszyn w fabryce. Realizujemy proponowane prace szybko i w atrakcyjnej dla klienta cenie.


Klienci, którzy zakupili maszyny rolnicze, budowlane i inne, czy to w Polsce, czy za granicą, mogą liczyć na naszą profesjonalną pomoc w ich transporcie. Możemy podjąć się przewozu kombajnów, ciągników, przyczep wielofunkcyjnych i wielu innych.


Jako profesjonalna firma spedycyjna, oferujemy Państwu też transport specjalny. Posiadamy niezbędne wyposażenie, pozwalające na przewiezienie takich obiektów, jak części konstrukcyjne elektrowni wiatrowych, jachtów, jak i produktów sypkich silosami.


Jeśli interesuje Państwa transport ponadgabarytowy, to zachęcamy do skorzystania z naszych usług. Jesteśmy w stanie przewieźć niemal każdy obiekt, niemożliwy do przetransportowania typowymi środkami spedycyjnymi. Mamy w tym wieloletnie doświadczenie.

What is oversized load transport?

Oversized  transportation is defined as a heavy kind of transport, abnormal or special transport. The oversized loads exceed permissible weight and dimensions for cargo’s hauled via road transport. The thresholds established for conveyed cargos are oversized load transport is defined as a heavy kind of transport, non standard haulage or specialized transport. It stems from the fact that Abormal loads exceed permissible weight and dimensions for cargo’s have been moved via road transport. The oversized cargo’s are the ones that extend following parameters:

– max lenght 16,2m

– heigh 4m

– width2,5m

– and usually up to 42 tons of weight

Oversized transport


Thanks to our longstanding experience and outsanding knowledge of the industry we are fully aware that every movement of oversized consigment is different, so it requires multifaceted approach. It is not only crucial to mach specialist truck to a trailer but alsoe precisely plan the route, arrange the loading and unloading and obtaining road haulage applications. The clients who decide to cooperate with us are guaranteed a very high standard of our Logistics service.

The key element of organizing the haulages is the planning proccess. It entails route access survey, matching a truck and trailer, removal of obstacles ie overhead cables for the time the overload cargo is being shipped.

This proccess is carried out by our group of qualified specialists with vast

experience in Logistics that are able to plan the whole project in safe and optimum manner with respect to permissible parameters for cargo’s moved in road transport.

We specialize in:

  • transportation of agricultural, construction and industrial machinery,
  • adjusting road infrastructure
  • professional escort service
  • relocation of the factories and assembly lines
  • arranging permisions for abnormal cargos
  • technical support in preparation of the cargo
  • complex assistance in loading and unloading cargo

Specialist fleet and qualified crew

Oversized transport demands usage of the specialist fleet.

For our client we have got available fleet with SEMI, TIFBETT and VARIO MAX semitrailers. We are in possesion of trucks with the module cart THP and with SKPH system, which provide safe transport of the cargo with various dimensions. The fleet which our client’s can use has been equiped with advanced and functional solutions, that largely improve possibilities of the dimensional transport in connection with accesible price. Our solutions allow easy-going transport of agricultural machinery.

License for a heavy transport

As a profesional company we specialize in a heavy haulage services we have got not only specialist fleet but also highly qualified staff as well as all the necessary documents, which allows us to perform our job in the logistic branch of economy.

If you are looking for a company, which in a profesional and multifaceted way will help you with the movement of the agricultural, construction machinery or wind farm components and unusual steel structure, please do not hesitate to contact with TG TRANSPORT GABARYTOWY. All our shipments were done  in a timely manner as well as with the highest level of all safety conditions.

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