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In the scope of oversize transport services, various loads are transported. These are usually various types of vehicles and machines (factory, agricultural and other). However, these are not the only goods that can be transferred using oversized transport.

We present you the service of a professional forwarding company TG Transport Gabarytowy, including transporting unusual loads. The special transport we provide is the first-class assistance of specialists who have extensive experience in large-scale logistics. We have not only the necessary equipment for this purpose, but also highly qualified staff, which includes the best professionals from the oversized forwarding industry.


What does specialist transport include?

As part of this service, we carry various types of cargo. These include, among others, transport:

  • wind power plants,

  • motorboats,

  • yachts.

In addition, we can also offer a transfer of bulk materials, such as various types of granulates, starches or other chemical products. We provide this service by transporting specialized silos, thanks to which the cargo is sealed and protected against external factors.

No less important is the preparation of the entire process – our employees from the moment of contact with them can serve professional advice on the entire process of transporting goods. We will carry out the necessary expertise’s regarding the route, we will obtain the necessary permits to carry it, and we will take care of it disassembly of road infrastructure. In cooperation with the relevant services, we will also prepare a change of road traffic organization, thanks to which the whole process will be carried out without interruption.

Why is it worth choosing the TG Transport Gabarytowy offer?

Since 2007, when our company was founded, we strive to ensure that customers have a fully professional and comprehensive service, relieving them of all duties related to large-scale transport. We implement the most modern solutions, we also cooperate with carriers from the country and abroad, wanting to provide the highest quality service. We are constantly developing our skills and gaining experience so that everyone who comes to us for help, is satisfied not only by the pace of action, but also by securing the cargo carried.

Therefore, if you are looking for specialists who will provide you with the best yacht transport, construction elements of wind farms or any other loads with larger dimensions and unusual dimensions, we encourage you to contact us.

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