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Oversized transport

Modern forwarding services are at a very high level. Nevertheless, not every company that deals with the transport of various goods is able to offer transport of objects of oversized dimensions. This requires not only state permits and local institutions, but also the necessary skills, a specialized vehicle fleet, as well as a wealth of experience.

We have been specializing in oversized transport for years, offering this service to individual and business clients from various industries – construction, agriculture and energy. From the very beginning of its existence, that is from 2007, we have been implementing modern solutions that improve the transport operation. Our team consists of qualified specialists prepared for each challenge, with extensive experience in the logistics industry, and above all in the forwarding of large-volume cargoes. We also work with domestic and foreign carriers.

Large-scale transport

The offer of Transport Gabarytowy includes the transport of various large-size loads. Among them, we can distinguish various machines, including agricultural (combines, tractors, etc.), production, construction, vehicles with a weight greater than allowed to move freely on roads and many more.

The proposed oversized transport also includes the so-called special transport – as part of this service we deal with the transport of water vehicles, elements of factory equipment as well as construction parts of wind farms.

What characterizes our services?

We approach each project individually. Customers who apply to Transport Gabarytowy can count on professional consultancy at every stage. We will take all actions, including formal and legal ones, which are required for large-scale transport, thanks to which people wishing to benefit from our help are fully relieved.

Customers interested in the proposed service can fill out a special form on our company’s website to check what the initial price for the order will be. If you have any questions – we encourage you to contact our employees who will dispel all doubts regarding the whole transport process.

If you care about the highest professionalism in the field of large freight forwarding, Transport Gabarytowy is the best choice. The quality of services provided by us is proven not only by the obtained certificates, but also the satisfaction of existing customers, confirmed by reference letters. We make every effort to ensure that the cargo arrives quickly and safely to its destination.

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