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As a professional forwarding and transport company, we provide comprehensive services in the field of transporting various types of agricultural machinery. Many years of presence on the market, specialized rolling stock and staff of qualified employees largely decide that we provide services throughout the country, while maintaining the highest standards. Entrusting for the transfer of a trailer, rotary cultivator, fertilizer spreader or any other device, you can count on full professionalism.

What kind of farm equipment do we transport?

We can offer our customers transport of agricultural machinery:

  • transport of tractors, tractors and combine harvesters (cereal, potato, beet, etc.),
  • rototillers (horticultural, field and special, for example for surface exploitation of peat bogs),
  • lawn mowers and lawn mowers (windrowers, self-propelled, lawns, tractors, boomers, hydraulic),
  • loaders (front loaders, attached, hung up, etc.),
  • agricultural and multi-functional trailers,
  • and many other devices (such as threshers, sprayers, self-propelled forager harvesters, rakes, feed mixers, cultivators, tedders, bale collectors, cultivators, seeders, silage spreaders, spreaders, spreaders, etc.).

Diversified vehicle fleet

A modern and at the same time diversified vehicle fleet gives us the possibility of transporting various types of agricultural machinery, combines and tractors, of above-average dimensions. We provide services using SEMI, TIFBETT and VARIO MAX semitrailers. We also have modular trailers with THP trolleys and SKPH system.

Regardless of whether you are interested in the transport of a combine, trailer or any other equipment, we cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of TRANSPORT DETAILED. We carry out orders for both large corporations and individual clients.

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