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TG TRANSPORT GABARYTOWY offers its clients comprehensive services in the field of transporting various types of equipment not only in the country, but also from England to Poland. We have a team of highly qualified employees as well as specialist rolling stock for this type of services. We take full responsibility for the loads entrusted to us, making every effort to provide the equipment in an unimpaired condition. We have been on the market since 2007, having a wide range of satisfied customers both among companies and private individuals.

Low-loader transport from England

Low-loader transport is carried out using modern rolling stock, which mainly includes SEMI, VARIO MAX and TIFBETT semitrailers. In addition, we have professional modular semi-trailers with THP trolleys and SKPH system, which give the opportunity to safely transfer loads of varying sizes, including those of above-average dimensions.

Our offer includes mainly:

  • transport of agricultural machinery (tractors, tractors, combines, mowers, rototillers, plows, cultivators, fodders, trailers, threshers, sprayers, tedders, spreaders, seeders, spreaders, etc.),
  • transportation of construction equipment (excavators, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, graders, rollers, compactors, rammers, ground stabilizers, asphalt milling machines, pumps, concrete mixers, machines for thickening concrete mass, cranes, impact hammers, etc.),
  • metering of mining equipment and for tunnel works (loaders, drilling rigs, haulers, drilling and anchoring carts, auxiliary wagons, crushers, etc.),
  • heavy and unusual transport (eg wind turbines, bridge spans, electric transformers, metallurgy furnaces, transmission pole structures, etc.).

Why is it worth choosing to cooperate with us?

Each order is a challenge for us, which we try to accomplish as best as possible, while maintaining all safety rules. Thanks to a professional, specialized fleet of vehicles and a team of experienced employees, our company is able to organize the transport of virtually any type of equipment. We always make sure that the transported goods are properly secured and not damaged during unloading.

We have appropriate permits and certificates entitling us to provide services of the scope of transport of machines on the England-Poland line. Our offer is addressed both to large enterprises and private clients.

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